Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fertility Struggles...the next step

Warning this includes personal information and girly content. If you are troubled by this subject matter stop reading now.

After 4 months on Clomid. I am still not ovulating. The next step is seeing Dr. Slater, the Reproductive Endocrinologist. Good news is that I have heard and met many great babies that she assisted on their journey to their families. Bad news insurance will no longer covering anything...All Cash from here on out.

I am really nervous to set up my appointment with her. I am thinking that I will set it up for the first of September? She is booked out until the 1st of August....I'm nervous just thinking about it right now.

I am still having a hard time understanding timing but believe that I need to do all I can... I am trying to move forward with complete faith, "nothing wavering." Sometimes it is so hard to completely let go to trust in the plan that the Lord has for me.

While I wait I pray for understanding and guidance. I know that all things will work out in their correct time. For now I will wait.


  1. Rebecca! I hope you don't think I'm a totally creepy person for somehow coming across your blog tonight. (via a blog listed on another blog?...I honestly don't remember now.) And, I know we haven't talked in AGES. BUT, I can't not comment when it's about infertility. I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this. Infertility is so hard. Waiting is hard. Not knowing is hard. Talking about it with others, worrying about judgment and people not really understanding is hard. Walking into a reproductive endocrinologist's office is hard. Realizing that finances are so connected to whether or not you can have a baby is hard. Infertility stinks.

    If you ever feel the need to vent or want to chat, I'd love to hear from you: emshill@gmail.com.