Sunday, December 18, 2011

Just words...

As always in life a lot of time has past but little was said about it. I rolled right passed Thanksgiving, the overlooked holiday and have almost overlooked the blessed season that we celebrate our Savior birth. In order for Thanksgiving not to be forgotten I will share a list of things I am grateful for. I promise to post about the wonderful joys of the CHRISTmas season throughout the week.

List of order to avoid a never ending post I am going to limit myself to 8 things, but let it be known that this list should really go on to infinity.

8. My job...someday I wish this chapter of my life away...what would I do with all of my, make dinner, craft, join friends on daily walks. Again the list could go on but the truth is I have a great job. I work for great doctors and have exceptional co-workers. I am blessed to have a job that provides a decent income and that allow Cody and I to live with plenty.

7. Pumpkin. Silly, yes but the truth is I love it. From cookies, pies, and breads to carving and roasting. The smell, the color, the taste, the fun fall decor. I love it all.

6. Friends. The person that always calls at the right moment, knows the right thing to say. Everyone need one of those friends.

5. Latter day prophets and the Ensign. I think to myself each month there is an article that is just for me. 

4. Family. Getting married doubled this blessing. It is amazing to have such an incredible support group surround you. I love you!!!

3. Being a mother. Even though we only have Keaton part time being a mother had become a full time job. I think about him all the time. Keaton has helped me see the world with new perspective. I love waking up at 7:00 in Saturday morning to "Daddy, play. Play daddy." 

2. Cody. Yesterday was our 6 month wedding anniversary. It has been one incredible ride. He has stood next to me, held my hand, wrapped his arms around me. He has been a shoulder to cry on, a support to lean on.  I thank Heavenly Father for him everyday. It has been better than my dreams. P.S. ...

1. The Savior.  "Oh, it is wonderful, wonderful to me."