Monday, April 29, 2013

Composition-Week 3

This shot is blurry but I added it because I like the tunnel look that the bridge gives.

Here are my photos for this week. I had over 100 so it was hard to narrow it down.
f/14    1/30   ISO-400
f/3.2    1/640    ISO 400

f/13    1/80    ISO-400

I really like this last photo. I think it breaks some of the rules but I  think it works.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Shutter Speed-Week 2

This was the hardest week. The shots are not as artistically thought out as I would have liked but I think they illustrate the concepts. 

PANNING- this photo was taken behind my windshield. I was hoping to get a jogging photo but  this will have to do.
29    1/30      ISO 400

FROZEN ACTION- Look no hands!

9.0    1/1000    ISO 400

IMPLIED MOTION- I couldn't decide on one, so I picked 2 photos. I love this first photo because it shows his excitement-his expression in perfect.

32    1/50    ISO 400
36    1/50     ISO 500

I love this tree photo because even though it was super windy the leaves are crisp while the "helicopters" are blowing.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Aperture-Photography class Week 1

f/22     1/200    ISO-640

f/9    1/800    ISO-640

   f/1.8    1/8000    ISO-640
  f/1.8    1/8000    ISO-640