Sunday, May 26, 2013

Natural Light Week 1

f4.5     1/60      ISO 400
I love this photo. My little man has the brightest eyes. They always catch light!
Week 1
Assignment:  1 photo with Catch light
f5       1/50 sec    ISO 400  
One with out.

f5     1/20sec      ISO 400

After taking a closer look-there is light in her eyes. I also feel like I exposed the photo poorly.

Natura Light: Brooke Snow photography class

Both photos were shot at f5  and ISO 400.  The top photo is 1/50 sec and the bottom 1/60.
What picture do you like better? I like the top photo better. Is it a little over exposed? Thoughts?

Monday, May 6, 2013

Photographing everyday life-Week 4

This picture was taken in our backyard on a cloudy but sunny day. I was sitting on the patio under a balcony.

f/5     1/60    ISO-400
 This picture when was taken during our BBQ tonight.The weather was suppose to be 81. Nope, we had dark clouds and a thunderstorm.

f2.5    1/25    ISO-800
These were taken while making frosting for our cupcakes, chocolate, yummy...and of course Buzz and Woody had to help too. We live in a town house with people on both sides, very bad lighting. However I did change the white balance in the camera to indoor lighting and the picture was better.

f/2.2    1/30    ISO-200

f/1.8    1/80    ISO-200

Overall I feel like I have a good understanding of the concepts I have learned. I feel most unsure about ISO-when to to raise it, when to keep it low???

I need to save up money to take another class. I enjoyed this class so much and feel like in a few short weeks I have grown so much. I love the freedom of M mode, LOVE IT!!