Sunday, December 16, 2012

Family Christmas fun

 The Pioneer Tent Building in Downtown has an awesome Model Railroad exhibit. We stopped by and just happen to run into Santa. Keaton asked for a talking Woody at his Moms house and a police car at Daddys'. He is such a smart kid. We already have a talking Woody at our house so he needs it at his moms house.

For FHE (Family Home Evening) a few Mondays ago we went the Capital Building and saw the beautiful tree. It turns out that it was the tree from my neighbors house 
when I lived with my grandpa. It looks so beautiful. It was huge.
 I wondering how many lights are lighting it up.

While Cody was looking for a book Keaton built an airplane. Can you see it? ... I asked if it was a plane and an airport. He said, "No, its just a plane."