Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Releasing the Secret...

This is the project I have been working on. This summer while exploring Boise with my friend Crystal I discovered many fun free things to do right here in this town. I thought we should blog about this.(I was new to the blogging so I thought every thing should turn into a blog). So me being me decided to create a blog.

Go check it out.

The blog offically starts Oct 1. There will be a daily post featuring something Treasure Valley. Check it out daily. We are hoping to have giveaways, coupons, and many more suprises.

Follow it. Post comments. Share it with your friends.

Hope to see you there.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sewing Fun

This is my new homemade camera bag.

I was super excited when I finished it because I made it without a pattern.

I love the fabric. I am going to make another purse out of it with a burnt orange lining.

This another bag I made this week. It is a hobo style bag. At first you think that it looks like your grandma old couch. Then it grows on you.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


This was my view this morning.
It was amazing
and the moon could not have been in a more perfect location.
Red barn, corn stalk what more could a photo ask for.
October is almost here and all things Pumpkin are about to break free.
Watch out!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

secret project

Button for the secret project blog...It will start Oct 1... I know you are super excited

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


These are some of my sister and brother-in-laws friends.
What a cute family!
Alice has a brother or sister on the way too.
Alice is a little camera shy but with those blue eyes, who cares?

What a cute ending.

Enjoy! Rebecca

Monday, September 13, 2010


My nephew Simon and his mommy and daddy.
This little man has been loved a lot since his arrival in May.
Just look at him. What is not to love.

Enjoy! Rebecca XOXOXO


I often find myself standing in places that I have been before
filled with this childlike excitement.
I wonder how a place can feel new and old all at once.
The best part is looking through my camera and rediscovering.
Finding different angles, points of interest, and reasons to love each place.
I feel this way about many places-The Boise Train Depot, Albertsons Park, Oregon Coast.
I had this great experience at SCL Temple Square on the Sunday over Labor Day.


This journey we call life has so many places and things to treasure
we just need to change our angle and vantage point to discover them.
Not to be all philosopical. But great things are all around open your eyes.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Summer Journey

I love Flowers.
I love watching flowers grow, I love learning about them and I love getting flowers.
There is just something about having bouquets of fresh flowers.
It brings life inside and reminds us of the beauty all around.
(Hint. Hint.) I love getting flowers.
On my birthday or really any day. I love it.
I got in trouble once because flowers were delivered to me at work and
I was so excited I started screaming.
Thanks Aunt Yeeta.
These flower are from my parents neighborhood.
The Pacific Northwest rain make all things beautiful and green.

Ashley here is a sneak peak. I'm not even close to being done, so dont get to excited.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Weekend Plans

SLC here I come...
Simon-Your Favorite Aunt is coming to visit you.

Down Time...

Down Time. What is that?

The simple fact is that I am the only one to blame for being uber busy.
I'm crazy.
I create and dream up thing to do all day.
I seriously have like 9 bagillion hobbies
and everyday I think of something new I want to learn about or try.
This month interest have included typography, graphic design, and Lovemarks.

Typography-basically the history behind fonts,
creating and designing fonts, and designing with font.

Isn't it just beautiful???


Ai-Adobe Illustrator and I have become good friend.

He is that answer to many of my current life questions.
i. e. Oh, Saturday, where did you go? Why didn't I go to bed until midnight?
How much is design school going to cost me?
The worst part is that I just have the 30 trial. What am I going to do on Sept. 28?

Last but not least I have been reading...Do you know what I have been reading text books. Not kidding. I didn't realize how text booky they were when I bought them.
Who cares? I'm loving them so far.

I'm starting with "the future beyond brands, LOVEMARKS".

Let me first say that I LOVE this book. Seriously, I love it. I think I have thought all these ideas to myself before. This man would love to hire me if we met. I think I just might be close to the female version of him.

I'll tell you more about the book later but trust me it is good.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

More Sewing

I have been sewing more.
I think this is turning into an addiction.
Heather told me that she was worried about me hording craft stuff.
Love this bag. I think it looks kind of Wintery.

I also want to make a new camera bag like this. What color do you think?
More of the little camera bags

Sending one to Alli(my bro. girl friend) and taking one to Liz(my awesome cousin)
When I found this material I thought of my good friend Ranae.
So this is going to be her Golden Birthday present.

Ranae act surprised OK.