Friday, February 10, 2012

The Little Man's New Lessons

 In the last couple of months we have been teaching Keaton the most important things in life.  Things and activities such as how to make Bunny Milk, to pray, share, Jesus Christ, how to use a sewing machine, how to cut a Christmas Tree in half and most importantly that some of the best "Rocket Ships!" come from a galaxy far far away.  With these new adventures Keaton has been able to expand his vocabulary to the sounds of spaceships, airplanes, landing, taking off and flying.  I would have to say one of the best things about having a two year old (other than the dramatic expressions of love and frustration) is being able to come home and play with Legos and  other toys.
     While I am teaching him these activities Rebecca is doing an amazing job of teaching home to bake food and desserts, sewing and using more of his words to express himself.


     A very funny story about words and the differences between what we say and how Keaton interprets them is the story of the the broccoli and wrench.
     Keaton loves broccoli, so one night we asked if he would like some broccoli and yes of course said "broci" (up until a couple weeks he was unable  to say "yes;" so everything that was a "yes" was repeated).  Rebecca asked him if he wanted ranch with his broccoli, to this we received a very excited, arms out, shouting/chanting child.  Keaton ran from the front room down the hall way and started to climb the stairs to his room.  Rebecca said that his ranch was right here (in her hands) and that he should take it to me.  Keaton comes down the stairs and pus the container of ranch on the table.  He then turns and runs to the stairs and goes up them.  With a questioning look Rebecca and I wonder what is he doing.  Well we just let him ran around upstairs and a few moments later he comes back down the stairs with two wrenches in hand!
     When Rebecca had asked if he wanted ranch he interpreted this word to be wrench!  Go fig, seeing that Keaton probably had never heard of ranch before hand.  Well in the end we had a good laugh and Keaton got what he really likes with broccoli (and everything else), ketchup.