Sunday, December 18, 2011

Just words...

As always in life a lot of time has past but little was said about it. I rolled right passed Thanksgiving, the overlooked holiday and have almost overlooked the blessed season that we celebrate our Savior birth. In order for Thanksgiving not to be forgotten I will share a list of things I am grateful for. I promise to post about the wonderful joys of the CHRISTmas season throughout the week.

List of order to avoid a never ending post I am going to limit myself to 8 things, but let it be known that this list should really go on to infinity.

8. My job...someday I wish this chapter of my life away...what would I do with all of my, make dinner, craft, join friends on daily walks. Again the list could go on but the truth is I have a great job. I work for great doctors and have exceptional co-workers. I am blessed to have a job that provides a decent income and that allow Cody and I to live with plenty.

7. Pumpkin. Silly, yes but the truth is I love it. From cookies, pies, and breads to carving and roasting. The smell, the color, the taste, the fun fall decor. I love it all.

6. Friends. The person that always calls at the right moment, knows the right thing to say. Everyone need one of those friends.

5. Latter day prophets and the Ensign. I think to myself each month there is an article that is just for me. 

4. Family. Getting married doubled this blessing. It is amazing to have such an incredible support group surround you. I love you!!!

3. Being a mother. Even though we only have Keaton part time being a mother had become a full time job. I think about him all the time. Keaton has helped me see the world with new perspective. I love waking up at 7:00 in Saturday morning to "Daddy, play. Play daddy." 

2. Cody. Yesterday was our 6 month wedding anniversary. It has been one incredible ride. He has stood next to me, held my hand, wrapped his arms around me. He has been a shoulder to cry on, a support to lean on.  I thank Heavenly Father for him everyday. It has been better than my dreams. P.S. ...

1. The Savior.  "Oh, it is wonderful, wonderful to me."

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Keaton turned 2!

I thought it would be fun to take some 2 year old pictures of Keaton. One of my favorite places to take pictures is the Train Depot. I kept telling Keaton where we were going,
 I finally said we are going to the Choo-Choo Depot.  I was so cute.
He told Cody we were going to the Choo-choo depot over and over again.  We also started
 trying to take some family picture. I decided that Keaton doesn't not
like having his pictures taken. That's okay.
 He has probably had more pictures taken in the last year then he thought he
 would ever have taken. I'm not counting but I am sure that it is well over 2000. Every time Cody picks up my camera he take about 200 pictures too.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Loving this life...

To start off the month of festivities we took Keaton to the Pumpkin Festival, 
Grandma and Grandpa came along too.  The Farmstead Corn Maize and Pumpkin Festival.  
We did all kind of fun things; ran around the field, rode in a cow train, took a tractor ride 
to the pumpkin patch. Keaton and Grandma rode down PVC slide, 
and with Grandpa's help he shot the Corn Cannon.

Can't wait for all the other fun things...birthday party, carving pumpkins, the trunk-or-treat 
and finishing up Keaton's bedroom. Saturday before our fall fun Cody and Keaton built
his new toddler bed.

Two boys, who knew life could be so good. I love you boys. XOXO

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Little fact. October is my favorite month. 
Love it...pumpkin, carving pumpkins, picking pumpkins, corn maizes, pumpkin cookies, Halloween, leaves changing colors...Bet you can't wait to see all of our fun adventures.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

SLC continued...

When I found out we were taking Keaton with us to SLC I was super excited to take him to Temple Square. We had a great time walking around, looking at all the pretty flowers, the Temple, the ponds and statues of Jesus. It was fun teaching Keaton about all the different building and watching him play with Simon and Cody.

Keaton didn't want to have his picture taken

I'm sure they were thinking about how much trouble they would be in if they got in the water

The room with the a large statue of Jesus Christ has a dome ceiling. The solar system is painted all around it creates a heavenly experience. To Keaton it was a lot of stars and moons, kept pointing moon, stars, Jesus. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Road trip...SLC

This was the first trip we went on as a family, a complete family...meaning Keaton came.  Thanks to "Moo, Baa, Lalala", Goldfish-cheddar and extreme chocolate and 
apple juice traveling was great.

Keaton enjoyed meeting everyone. He met his cousin Simon and they became friends instantly. They gave each other hugs, played in the water with grandpa and enjoyed lollipops.

 Every time he saw Penelope he would say baby. He even took a baby doll and tried to put it nigh-night. We will  practice before he has a sister or brother. I don't think he understood that it was important not to cover the baby's head.  It was so cute though. I love that little guy.


What a beautiful city and beautiful family. Cody's grandma is a beautiful person. The first moment I met her I knew she was a special lady. I don't know if I will have many more opportunities to meet her in this life but I plan on getting to know her very well in the next.

Along with meeting new family Cody and I took the opportunity to explore Chicago. We went to the Shedd Aquarium, rode a water taxi, a Ferris wheel, the "L" and went to Lego land. I even bought 2 Christmas ornaments.

The last picture is at the top of the Ferris Wheel. Not going to was so romantic.

Travel Happy

Since my last post we have gone on 2 trips. First to Chicago to visit Cody's 97 year old great grandma. Then on labor day weekend we traveled south to SLC to visit the my sister and her family. She just had her 2nd child, Penelope and her blessing was that weekend. This trip was exciting because we were able to take Keaton. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Moments

The past week has been full of happy moments and tender mercies. This is just a few...
  1. Keaton saying Good Bye 'sesus (Jesus) when we leave the house.
  2. Penelope Echo Poulsen was born. I love being an auntie.
  3. Keaton folding his arms when we pray before dinner.
  4. Hamburgers from Red Robin...Yum
  5. 2 Month Anniversary
  6. Getting a stain out of my comforter
  7. Sewing a new purse and pj pants for Keaton
  8. Making a blanket for Keaton
  9. Reading Moo, Baa, La La La 8 times in a row. Cody and I both have that book memorized now.
  10. My pepper plant has a pepper,hopefully it turns red.
Life is truly AMAZING.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Temple Trips

The Boise Temple is closed for a year or so because of this we have the opportunity to visit the Twin Falls temple. I love the Twin Falls Temple. The exterior stone is cream and brown tone marble I love it. Built to match the surrounding the Temple sits bold along the canyon in Twin.  The interior is just as amazing also. The Celestial room is filled with light. Large windows allow the light to illuminate the room.

I love the peace that can be felt there. Cody and I went with a purpose and prayer in our hearts and received many answers. I am so grateful to be a member of the church to have the blessed opportunity to attend the temple.

Families are Forever.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Seattle. Since we were having an open house in Portland we decided to take the week off prior to that and go somewhere close and then just end up at Mom and Dad's. Neither one of us have ever been to Seattle so what a fun place to go. 

How I grew up in Portland/Kalama and never went to Seattle I have no idea? Especially now after being there. I would have made a road trip up at least once a year. I love Pike's Market and the Space Needle.  We even stopped at the Seattle Temple for a session.

Stay tuned for more picture later.