Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Almost to the end of day one for 2013!!!  

I want to share my goals for the year.  The reasons are completely selfish.

Reason #1-Increase accountability
Reason #2-Create a support group
Reason #3-Open up. As I get older I am finding that I keep things personal, maybe a little too personal, almost like secret. I am afraid of being looked down upon, being judge or maybe just opening up a flood of emotions.

Resolution #1...Be Healthy! 
This is probably the most positive way to state lose weight. But the WHAT is to lose weight and the WHY is to be Healthy. I personally think that why is super important in making a goals.  

My awesome friend Jerusha and I started a group-Join Our Journey-to help motivate and encourage us. The Davey family is also having a Biggest Loser contest hosted my dad. The contest started today and goes until June 1.

Resolution #2-Positive Reflections
At the end of each day write down 4 things after reflecting on the day
TM: Tender Mercy or Tender Moment
G: Something I am grateful for
Heart: Something I love about Cody
S: A service rendered

I will go into more detail about each goal later but that is a good starting point.

Happy New Year,  Rebecca

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas.
 Hope everyone had a great celebrations with your friends and family. We had a wonderful time celebrating. Here is a sneak inside our festivities.

Thanks to everyone we now have an "angry bird" and "batman" living at the house.