Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Long Time No Post...

Once upon a time I was amazing at recording memories via my personal journal. Sadly I have become terrible at it-HORRIBLE. I admit I feel like life keeps happening faster and faster but that is not excuse. One day some one is going to ask and I will have to say-" I wish I would have wrote this down." 

So here is the skinny on the last 7 months.

October-the beautiful trees change color, Keaton had a Jake and the Never land Pirate Birthday Party.

November-Thanksgiving. 2 turkey dinners

December-Christmas. I got a pearl ring and I LOVE it!!!

January-Moved into our first home. I fell broke my leg, in McCall too. It was horrible. The drive back to Boise was the WORST car ride of my life. I went from being a roll your ankle kind of gal to a broken ankle kind of gal. One surgery later I am the proud owner of 5 screws, a metal plate, and a 5 inch scar.

February-Spent the month on one leg. Huge shout out to all our family who helped. My mom extended her stay (she was here when I fell) was here for the first half of the month and Cody's mom helped pick up  and watch Keaton. For Valentine's Day Cody bought me (us) Wicked tickets!!!!

March-I started walking, went back to work and turned 30. Along with talking in our new ward we also got callings-I am the Primary Chorister and Cody is the Assistant Scout Master. 

April-Continued to learn to walk again. Had surgery again to take 2 of the screws out. This turned into a mess because the screws came out as 5 pieces instead of 2. Went to Wicked!!!! Row M. It was AMAZING!

May-So far I am continuing to heal. Tomorrow I have my stitches out!  Hopefully it is the end of doctor appointment, or at least these types of appointment and we can start the fertility appointment in the next month or two.

Summer Goals/Plans:
Grow an AMAZING vegetable garden. 
Keep all of my flowers alive. 
Can, pickle, paste, and jam produce from the garden
Start an official side photography business.
Get pregnant!!!!

So that is it for us. Happy it is almost half way through 2014!!!