Thursday, April 5, 2012

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     Well, it has been awhile since we have proclaimed to the world what we are doing, buuuuttttt here we go again.  Yesterday night, Keaton and Rebecca had an amazing time dying eggs, Keaton especially.  His hands were dyed blue, orange, yellow, he pretty much looked like a bowl of luck charms!

      Which is completely acceptable because who says you have to dye eggs the traditional way?  I think that is why I love being with Keaton so much is because I get to see a world in a different prospective.  I get to see how a two and a half year old thinks things should be done, like putting your and in the dye to get the egg out and then using the wire egg dipper to transport the egg from the dye to the carton.

The first picture is of Keaton's hand and the second picture is the face Keaton game me when I said "Smile!"

There are more videos of this and other times at my YouTube Channel, CaptainAmazing86.
Until next time, have an amazing day!